• Brand
    BaseTech provides computer components, peripherals, and accessories. The products are developed in China and manufactured at the factory Guangzhou Tido Technology Co., Ltd. Exclusively delivered to Russia by the company E2E4.
  • Products
    BaseTech offers basic computer solutions for office tasks. These include components (cases, power supplies, SSD, memory, and cooling), computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables, and memory cards), and accessories (cables, laptop bags, thermal paste, etc.).
  • History
    The brand BaseTech was founded in 2017 and introduced in Russia at the same time. The products were developed by engineers from JSH CO LTD and manufactured by Guangzhou Tido Technology Co., Ltd.
BaseTech — base for business
Service and warranties
Corporate and retail customers
Individual approach
Send us a request and we'll select the optimal solution at a special price. We provide equipment for testing.
Convenient logistics
We take care of the logistics and storage of products. You can set up a shipping schedule for the product that is convenient for you.
Ongoing customer support
Our own service in the Russian Federation. We exchange, repair, or return your money - no questions asked.
Our customers about us
  • Anton Alekseyevich Panin
    System administrator at the architectural company Kanura
    BaseTech DDR3 DIMM is a solid budget memory of the type "install it and forget about it." The memtest passed without errors, dual channel mode works.
    It's the best solution for your money when making a purchase..
  • Ruslan Gabbasov
    Software engineer SEK "Passazhiravtotrans"
    I bought these system units for the enterprise. Pros: price, availability, and a wide range. Cons: the thickness of the metal of the case, but this is rather a plus because the price is lower.
  • Dmitry Olegovich Orlov
    System administrator at Oktyabrskoye LLC and Altaiskaya Krupa JSC
    The mouse fits well in your hand. I bought it to work with office software, it performs its functions 100%. Convenient, not bulky, pleasant to use. The bag fit perfectly; the laptop doesn't hang out. The charger with the mouse fit without any problems. It is well sown.
  • Roman Albertovich Shevelev
    Self-employed entrepreneur
    Components and consumables manufactured under the brand name BaseTech are pleasantly priced and of good quality. When choosing, I often suggest that my customers look at BaseTech components because this is exactly what the average consumer needs - "cheap and easy" (no frills). At the same time, the components are covered by a warranty that is similar in time to that of more expensive brands. I recommend them.
  • Alexander Sergeyevich Somov
    Self-employed entrepreneur
    BaseTech is a good product for its price range. We've been working with this brand for over 3 years. The cases look decent and are suitable for most office assemblies. All accessories correspond to those stated in the product description.
    The power supply units correspond to their declared power and give out a stable voltage.
  • Roman Petrovich Gubin
    IT asset engineer, Pride-A Group of Companies LLC
    The memory card proved to be excellent. Throughout the entire period of use, it never failed, it corresponds to the declared speed.
  • Anton Dmitrievsky
    Director of the shop "Fleshka"
    The PSU is normal, doesn't buzz and doesn't creak. No vibration, pretty quiet (120mm fan cools excellently). A maximum of various connectors for connecting both modern and outdated equipment. Tested at maximum loads, everything holds calmly, all the declared specifications are normal. During operation (for more than two years I've been choosing various PSUs according to the capacities of this manufacturer), not one went back under warranty. Comes with a power cable (very nice).
  • Dmitry Tarasov
    Head of the IT Department at ASM-EXPORT LLC
    We bought power supply units from this company. First we chose one unit for testing 500w, with a GTX1060 video card and a Xeon 2620v3 processor. It proved to be excellent in modern video games with a long load. The cooler is quiet, the price is a gift, if the color was black, it would be excellent. In two years, more than 20 power supply units have been installed, not one has broken, which indicates the excellent reliability of this company. So, without pangs of conscience, I can safely recommend the PSUs of this company for both mid-price range office and gaming computers.
  • Alexei Sergeyevich Prisyazhny
    Tender specialist at Kom.p.fort LLC
    We integrated 30 work stations for a customer. We chose BaseTech BT-450R1 power supply units. E2E4 overjoyed us with a good discount for a bulk order. Excellent performance for its price: the power supply unit is quite quiet thanks to the 120mm fan. There is more than enough power for an office PC, for its price it's weighty, although the metal is thin. Apparently it's not a bad element base. Half a year later all the stations are still faithfully serving the customer. I can safely recommend to buy.

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